Complete Streets = Economic Development Final Report

Walkable urban places are the key to successful neighborhoods and innovation centers. We’ve been hearing this for years, and been watching other cities be successful at doing it. Now it’s Albuquerque’s time to step up and get smart. Complete Streets = Economic Development Final Report shows how to do it right. It is backed by the recommendations of Jeff Speck and by the requirements of our Complete Streets Ordinance.

Many of the recommendations involve painting the street differently to achieve two goals – first, to balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers. Second, to bring the design speed of the street down to the posted speed. While Central and Broadway have speed limits of 30 mph, their design speed is 45-55 mph, which is dangerous and bad for business and innovation.

We thank everyone who participated in the charrette process that resulted in this report. Success is within our grasp – will we keeping talking for another decade, or will we act?

The report is an easy half hour to one hour read. We hope you will read it, and advocate for it with our Mayor and City Council.

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