Post-Charrette Update

The charrette sponsors – the EDo Neighborhood Association and the Huning Highland Historic District Association – appreciated the informed and enthusiastic participation of many at their March 10th charrette.  Thank you.

Charrettes are not a meeting, they are a process.  Here’s where the process goes from here:
1.  The charrette design team is working on a Final Charrette Report, to be completed early the first week of April in draft form.
2.  The Boards of the charrette sponsors meet on April 7th and April 6th, respectively.  The Boards will review and approve the Final Charrette Report, with any needed modifications.  3.  The approved draft will be shared with the Charrette Steering Committee.  We will have a meeting to go over it and discuss it.  Suggestions will be welcome, although that may not mean the suggestions will be incorporated into the report.  That will be up to the sponsors.
4.  The final report will be presented to the Mayor and the City Council for their consideration.  We hope that will be around April 15th.  It will be posted on this website.
5.  The sponsors will meet with all of the broad range of groups that supported the EDo Master Plan, to seek their endorsement of this report.  Those groups include everyone from NAIOP to the Sierra Club.

Thanks for your participation in this process, and your support of complete streets and complete neighborhoods that put the pedestrian first and foster innovation and job creation in today’s economic development environment.

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